Today I’ve been on another sweet tooth craving to which I tried to curve with an apple and some honey white tea. No luck.

So I stopped by our university’s mini mart again, scouring sugar when I came upon the Raw Revolution bars.

Raw Revolution: Organic Live Food Bar with Sprouted Flax Seeds (Raspberry & Chocolate flavor)

Organic. Raw. Live. It seemed like a healthier option that might satisfy my sweet cravings without completely driving me into a sugar frenzy.

Upon First inspection, it looks like a bigger version of the LaraBar. However, unlike the LaraBar which has a crumblier consistency, the Raw Revolution bars have a better chew.

Ingredients: Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, Agave Nectar, Dates, Cocoa Processed with Alkali, Almonds, Raspberry Powder, Sprouted Flax Seeds. All certified organic

As for the taste? The sunflower seeds are aromatically spread throughout each bite. Nice even  blend of the ingredients without randomly finding a huge chunk of almond poking out (though that’s not exactly bad at time either 😉 ).

Sadly not much of a fruity raspberry-chocolate taste came through. I think it would have been even better if they included pieces of raspberries in there.

The bar itself is not overwhelmingly sweet. There’s more of the mellowed down cocoa in the back pallete, but it did the trick of satisfying my sweet craving.

I was really hoping for more of a citrus and chocolate flavor, so it isn’t one of my favorites among fruit and chocolate bars. However, the chew and satisfaction appeal is rather nicely.


I’ve been wanting to join WIAW for a long time now, but never got the chance to put together a proper post. Though technically I should be in bed by now, I wanted to share my wonderful Easter holiday eats, regardless! (My 8 am class professor is just gonna have to deal with another sleeping student hiding in the back of the class. lol )

Church service didn’t start until 11:30, so I got away with sleeping in until 10:50. Late morning breakfast for a lazy Sunday!

Bakery bread with sweetened adzuki bean paste. From one of my favorite asian bakeries.

The thing I love away JJ Bakery is that they don’t slack on the filling!

Church service went on until around 1:30pm to which then one of my friends drop off me and my other friend at The District shopping center in search of white pants. But by the time we got there, it was already around 2:30 and we were hunting down the shopping center directory for Chipotle pronto!

Unfortunately we were unaware that Chipotle was closed on Easter Sunday. Same goes for the next 4 other restaurants we had set our eyes on. By the time we finished checking all these locations, it was already 3:00 and we were starving for food. We eventually gave up and was just about to settle for P.F. Chang’s when my friend noticed a Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill right across the way.

She was a hungry cavewoman craving only meat at that point and I was just grouchy with hunger so we went.

Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill had a nice atmosphere, though it has terrible camera lighting (though I think this goes for all steak and grill restaurants).

When the bread basket came, we both gobbled up the entire basket of garlic rolls. Soft, warm, and buttery to ease that growling stomach. We asked for another basket to the shock of the waitress who has just brought our first basket of 4 rolls less than 10 minutes ago.

For the entree, my friend ordered the steak. I ordered the House-Made Vegan Lentil Burger. Both came with a side order of buttery sweet potato mash.

[ A note in regards to my ED: Though I’m no longer under the control of my eating disorder, the fact that I haven’t eaten out in a while triggered the same reaction that it did when I was still struggling through recovery. I panicked when faced with the wide menu selections and nearly opted for the safety of a salmon steak or salad. However, what’s important was that I was able to regain control and instead order what sounded good, rather than worry about its caloric content. After all, food is food. Treating myself every so often is not a death sentence. ]

"Lentils, bulgur, cashews, leeks,
grilled corn, mushrooms, & more w. avocado on a toasted honey
wheat bun (not vegan)"

Sadly the burger wasn’t as wonder tasting as the description sounded. It lacked flavor and I found myself having to add salt and a ton of mustard so that it didn’t taste like nothing. However, I’d happily attempt to recreate this myself someday though, since it seems like it has potential!

By the time we finished our extremely late lunch, it was already 4:00. We decided to shop around Forever 21 and the few stores that were actually still open on Easter Sunday. In the end I didn’t get my white pants but at least my friend left with a 2 for 1 sale at Forever 21!

I got back to the dorms at around 7pm, and though I already had a huge late lunch just a couple hours ago I was hungry again at this point.

Dorm food: Roasted sweet potatoes, stir fried greens, and a slice of vegetable pizza. Giant mug of honey white tea.

Though my hunger cues were curiously a bit off, I’m proud to say that it was a pretty good day of eats!

Finally after a week of boredom (I’m not really one who enjoys studying for finals), I get to leave my university for an entire week and go home to a week of relaxation! I’m hoping that this time off would give me time to work on my art, catch up on some reading (Hunger Games, baby), and catch up on some blogging. …that is if I can even manage to myself out of my comfortable bed at home first!

To celebrate the end of finals week, I went across campus to our university town center for some sunny weather induced froyo.

Sorry it’s still capped. I wanted to enjoy it’s deliciousness while huddled up at our uni’s book store reading Hunger Games. 😉

mint creme froyo with several scoops of sweetened red bean and a few drops of blueberries


The thing I love about the Yogurtland near asian populated cities is that they have sweetened red bean as a topping option. Oh red bean, I love you. *swoons* 

Actual blog post to come later! I’ll off!


So I’ve been pretty bag about keeping up with posts; partially due to the overload of 7 classes this quarter, and mostly due to my lack of motivation when it comes to posting.

When I feel like I’ve already stared at the computer screen for over 4 hours a day writing papers, another hour dedicated to blogging tends to lose its hutzpa.

Anyways–before I once again go off on a rambling, mumbling tangent–I participated in my first Foodie Penpal exchange this month, courteous of Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean.

Now let us presume!

Foodie Penpals
For this month, I  had the pleasure of receiving a package from Michelle of Making Me Fit. 🙂

To be honest I felt bad for being pretty specific in my general food request, however Michelle is really sweet in accommodating in my dietary restrictions. I can’t thank you enough, Michelle! And thank you for your considerately sweet note! I have it posted on my cork board as a reminder of your kindness. ❤

As of most everyday poor college students, I typically can’t afford to go for the higher priced health foods on a daily basis (though I know they’d be better for my health). Therefore I was extremely excited upon receiving these items–especially the Himalania Goji Berry Crunch! I’ve once come across them being sold at my university’s mini mart, but immediately put them back after seeing them priced as about $9.00 per bag. I devoured the bag immediately upon unwrapping. Oops. So much for savoring ever bites!

Along with the Himalania product, I’ve also received 2 Kind bars, a box of Nana’s Gluten Free Ginger cookies, and Bakery On Main Cranberry Maple Nut. Which I will also do a review on when leisure time comes around.

I really enjoyed this first experience of Foodie Penal and will happily jump on the bandwagon to participate in future occurrences as well! If you’d also like to join in on the fun, click on the Foodie Penpal banner above to find out!

The deadline for submitting forms for the March exchange is on March 4th! So do be sure to hurry along!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Have I mentioned how much I love my school’s mini mart? Today I found out the NuGo bars were about the expire tomorrow and the University gave me the ENTIRE BOX for free!

The problem is that there’s no way I can finish off all these bars within the time of expiration. Refridgerating them should be fine, right???

Anyways expect reviews on these as well in the near future as well as some other goodies I picked up as well.

Have a good weekend!

As a poor and cheap-skate of a college student, a small 4 serving bag of granola costing at about $5.00 at our university mini mart does not cup it for me.

However today was my lucky day. I stumbled across 3 bags of Bear Naked chocolate cherry trail mix that were suppose to be pulled off the shelves yesterday. Instead of throwing them out, the guy at the cashier said that he would have to throw them out anyways and so gave them to me free of charge! Woohoo!


This will also solve my dilemma yesterday of buying Chobani Yogurt at my local Albertson’s. 10 for $10 deal sounds really good, but I was hesitant cuz I didn’t have anything to eat them with since I didn’t like eating yogurt plain. My problem has now been solved!


…though I’m also a bit hesitant over one issue. The granola was stated to best be consumed by yesterday; therefore how much longer can I keep them while they’re still comsumable? Or should I throw them out? Though wasted food has always unsettled me.


Regardless, for now, what doesn’t kill me should make me stronger! …I guess!


Reviews of Bear Naked chocolate cherry Trail mix will come along with Chobani yogurts in the near future!


Because it was close to experation date, I got them for half price at my university’s small mart! Otherwise they’re a bit pricey at $4.59 a bag for a poor college student like me. (And as you can tell, since I’m peckish, I had dove into one of the bags already)

Hail Merry Grawnola is raw, vegan, and gluten free! It’s also listed to be high in omegas and living enzymes, and has no refined sugars or added oils.

The taste?

While I was hoping for more of a well blended cranberry and orange taste, the citrus and spice flavor was more overpowering. For me, there was more of a cinnamon, ginger, citrus taste. That aside, the texture has a nice balance of crunch and chew from the array of nuts, grains, and fruits that are all quite equally present (unlike some granolas where they seem to have a 3:1 grains and everything else ratio). I love that it’s still able to hold its clusters form despite there being a lack of added oils.

Personally, I would probably not buy this flavor again, but am eager to try their other products if I am able to snag them for half off again in the uni mart. 😀

Look up at the sky
That holds no will or power
And yet keeps its pace
As it travels forward.

Look closely too
As time inches past
Regardless and disregarding
Pleas to slow or go fast.

Now know you as well
Must brave this same fate
As sky and time do
Into unavoidable bait.

There are and also will be
Moments with no other options
But keep up and accept
Poisoned concoctions.

Keep up, stay strong
Though you may be misled
Sometimes there are no other choices
But to keep moving ahead.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Not feeling so upbeat today (but rather sluggish and uncomfortably bloated). It’s probably due to this little culprit:


Yup, there I go again. I ate an entire box of peanut butter puffins at one go. And in addition to that, half a box of this guy as well:

Let me start from the beginning of how this disaster day started.

…on second thought, I’ll keep it simple. (My stomach is sending messages to my brain that I need to go lie down. Preferably now. )

Woke up late this morning. Rushed out without breakfast.

Bad mistake.

To make matters worse, when I got out of class at around 11:30, the hunger was no longer clawing, so I deemed it safe to hit the grocery store first before heading off to lunch.

Then, what was intended to be a handful or 2 of puffins on my walk back to my dorm turned into a massive devouring of the entire box before my walk back even ended. Then the craving for sugar continued and I attacked the box of Kashi Toasted Berry Crumble. Somewhere halfway through the box I managed to stop myself from consuming any more.

Unfortunately by then the effects had already set it as they always do when I overdo sugar.

And due to Kashi’s hefty amount of protein and fiber, that bloating feeling remained and has still remained for the past….. 4 hours.

Lesson of the day: Don’t leave without breakfast. …and high protein/ high fiber fortified foods should never be eaten by the box-full.

Hi, I’m Alice—first year college student with a stereotypically leo personality. But I wasn’t always this way. Lacking self-confidence for the majority of my middle and high school years (and never really having to “need” to get one because I was always surrounded by the same group of brilliantly radiant friends), I took a shovel and dug myself deep under it.

Let’s face it, there was no need to stand up for anything or defend myself when my friends were always there to do so for me.

So I remained: shy, quiet, inverted, and entrapped within my own bubble. And when I’m not around them, I found myself in a frighteningly broadened world of insecurities.


Metaphorically, I was the cub—stranded in the amazon, away from the protection of the lion pack. Wanting so much, but afraid of going forth to pursue it.

And thus describes high school; where my safety blanket of friends can no longer be by me 24/7.

And thus to jump pass details saved for another day, the issue of body image arises.

And for my junior year of high school, that blasted disordered eating pattern happened.

But I’ve had some common sense kicked and smashed into me a couple of times and managed to get out of that mindset.

Now I’m in college. And I’m responsible to take care of myself. Though my mind may be in a more sensible place, my body still has some maintenance to take care of.

Now let’s be realistic here:


On good days I have meals like this:


….and on others (shockingly eaten all in the same days as that healthy meal shown above)  I end up a trash bin filled with this.

Hmmm… oops. The fact of the matter is that I’m human. I make mistakes. What’s important, however, is that once I recognize, I work to get myself back on track.


In conclusion: I’m a foodie. I do love to eat. I love bakery and sweets. But I also love the concept of a long life and every nook and cranny that goes along with it. Therefore this blog will be a goal to keep track of my long life pursuit.


After all, I’m bent on becoming king someday.